How to choose the best pool equipment

Never choose your pool equipment without home work, the smooth operation of your pool system and, in the same way, your comfort is measured. Always avoid local and aftermarket or low-range products, as small savings may, in the long run, turn out to be a very poor choice. Some equipment, such as the hydraulic circuit,

Swimming Pool - UV-C Light

Why swimming pool need UV-C light to treat water? Many efforts have been made to replace chlorine, but few of these have gained substantial ground. This is because the solutions have been found to have the same drawbacks (e.g. bromine), or are expensive (e.g. hydrogen peroxide) or are less effective (e.g. metal ion-based processes, hydrogen

Bisazza Pool Tiles

Glass tile swimming pools are completely lined with tiny mosaic sized glass ceramic tiles instead of traditional plaster. It is long-lasting and also resistant to corrosion as well as lasts longer compared to another type of plaster option.  These are more expensive than plaster. But, these last much longer. Designers like mosaic tiles due to

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Water Curtain - Pool Design Features

There are plenty of design features to consider when installing a pool that can add value to your property and lifestyle. WATER FEATURE A water feature is a great way to enhance your pool area by providing visual interest and through the sound of moving water. Installing one in your pool area can add value

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LED Swimming Pool Lighting

Swimming Pool LED Lighting

What Is Swimming Pool LED Lighting? Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights are one of the most popular fittings for swimming pools. As a greater emphasis has been placed on energy-efficiency, LED technology has become a standard feature slowly replacing incandescent bulbs. The fittings work by pumping voltage through the semi-conductor which emits light whereas incandescent

Advantages Swimming Pool Covers

The Main Advantages Of Installing Swimming Pool Covers Maintain temperature One of the main reasons people install swimming pool covers is for its ability to maintain and even slightly increase the water’s temperature. If a warm pool is a must-have for you, a pool cover can help to significantly reduce your heating bills. Reduce water