Commercial Swimming
Pool Robot Cleaners

Dolphin robotic pool cleaners are the choice of thousands of commercial pool operators in hotels, country clubs, spas, schools and public and private swim centres worldwide. Bringing together nearly 30 years of expertise in pool cleaning, our commercial robotic pool cleaners are built for heavy-duty, cost-effective pool cleaning and designed to work with minimum intervention.

Professional Water Cleaning for all Public Pools

Gain heavy-duty pool and pool water cleaning performance with exceptional reliability. Dolphin commercial robots are electronic pool cleaners that promise – and deliver – long-term, cost-effective operation. With proven solutions for any commercial pool, from small public pools to the largest, professional and Olympic-sized pools, Dolphin is the ideal pool cleaner choice.At the forefront of electronic pool cleaner technology, our robots ensure your pool is consistently clean and the water sparkling clear - with little effort on your part. Advanced technologies provide comprehensive scanning of the entire pool and highly effective pool brushing and filtering throughout. With fully automated operation, your staff can focus on other tasks, with full confidence that your pool water will be left clean and hygienic after every cleaning cycle.

Dolphin W 75

Dolphin Wave 75 Highly efficient fully automated cleaning for hotel, campground, and school pools. Accurate scanning allows systematic coverage of the pool floor, walls, and waterline. High-capacity filtration space capture dirt, dust and other types of debris leaving clean and hygienic pool water throughout the cleaning cycle. The Wave 50 ensures heavy-duty cleaning performance with robust reliability for long-term effective operation.

Dolphin 2x2

Put the power of two robots to work at once with this heavy-duty fully automated cleaner. The 2x2 Gyro Pro has dual brushing action, dual high-capacity ultra-fine filtration systems, and a sophisticated gyroscope. It expertly cleans the entire pool floor and walls with maximum effectiveness and efficiency. This professional cleaner is designed for pools up to 33 meters.

Dolphin Wave 300 XL

The Wave 300 XL's top-of-the-line, professional pool cleaning performance meets the challenging requirements of large aquatic facilities. The Wave 300 XL, from Maytronics, is the ideal robotic cleaner for large institutional pools, Olympic facilities, water parks, and other sites with pools up to 50 meters. Designed for long-lasting reliability with daily operation, the Dolphin Wave 300 XL excels at heavy-duty dirt collection and delivers the best cleaning performance in its class. It works efficiently and effectively in any large pool, regardless of shape or type, including beach entry pools.

Powerful performance

Total cleaning and optimized water filtration, with gyroscopic navigation system for full cleaning coverage.

to use

The easiest, most efficient and economical solution for keeping your pool clean.

of mind

Relax and enjoy your pool, knowing that you’re using the smartest and best-selling robotic pool cleaner.


Energy efficient solution, that provides more savings for both your utility bills and the environment.