A truly unique swimming experience.

Mineral Swim™

Combines 100% natural Dead Sea minerals with ozone-to-oxygen water purification and natural skincare to create therapeutic, healthy and crystal clear swimming experiences.

Imagine you’re swimming in the ancient body of water known as the Dead Sea. Immersed in its natural beauty, your skin tingles and at once feels softer, rejuvenated by the salts and minerals revered over centuries for their healing qualities. The warm sun shines down upon you, filtered through layers of mind-clearing oxygen and saline mists. Buoyed by the salts, you swim peacefully and in harmony with the Earth.
Your body returns to balance in the unique Dead Sea waters. Now you can experience this daily in your own swimming pool. Mineral Swim is composed of authentic salts and minerals from the Dead Sea. An infusion of these Minerals in your swimming pool is like bringing the Dead Sea home, offering its natural health benefits and relaxing properties to you, right where you live.

100% Dead Sea Minerals

Recreate the relaxing natural, healthy pool experience that people have enjoyed for thousands of years at the Dead Sea. The Mineral Swim System combines the benefits of magnesium-rich Dead Sea minerals with the natural ozone-to-oxygen purification process.

A Unique Swimming Experience

Mineral Benefits
  • Stimulates hydration
  • Relaxes muscles
  • Crystal clear water
  • Detoxifies & regenerates the skin

Ozone-to-Oxygen Purification

Ozone-to-oxygen is the smart environmentally friendly choice for pools and spas. Popular in public pools across Australia, Ozone Swim by Brauer Industries harnesses a naturally occurring and powerful process that's up to 3,000 times stronger than traditional purification systems. Combined with mineral sanitation, it delivers crystal clear and healthy water.

A Unique Swimming Experience

Mineral Benefits
  • Safe water purification
  • Odour-free
  • Soft on skin & gentle on eyes
  • Compatible with any existing pool system